Free capacity or wait list?

As of now there is available capacity for a few new patients but waiting time for the first session may vary, however if you are flexible we can usually get started soon. Click the online booking button above to see when the first available appointment is, and contact me if you don't find a suitable time, and we'll look at it together

              Tlf. 98 40 90 71

Health Insurance

If you book an appointment via online booking and wish to have it covered by your health insurance, you must pay for the appointment upfront and seek reimbursement from your health insurance. If the health insurance company books the appointment on your behalf, the terms agreed upon between me and the insurance company apply. Therefore, please contact your insurance company to schedule appointments with me if we have an arrangement, or clarify with them that you can pay for the appointments and get the amount reimbursed by them if I do not already have an agreement with them.

Among those I do not have an agreement with, and where you must pay upfront and inquire whether your insurance will refund all or part of the amount, are Storebrand, SOS International, and Tryg Forsikring.